Our Business is leading faxes to the e-mail service provider. We allow you to obtain all your faxes as emails rather of the traditional way of using a facsimile machine. You end up saving time as you can get faxes anywhere together with saving loan because you do not lose toner and paper. You select the faxes you want to print.

Our Business is excellent for the person, you do not need a facsimile machine to obtain or send faxes. All you need is a web connection: if you can get emails you can get faxes. Our Business supplies you your very own phone number to put on a business card, letterheads and other repaired. You will be developed and prepared in minutes. You do not wait at the printer for your email, so why wait at the facsimile machine for your faxes? You must use our complimentary fax to e-mail services to make life easier.